Imprezzio for Insurance Carriers

Sales Enablement Solutions

For Carriers

Imprezzio provides sales enablement solutions that identify the most successful behaviors, focusing agency teams on the activities that drive premium growth.  

Sales force Automation.

Accelerate your agency force through sales and marketing automation

To be successful, agencies need to maintain sales productivity that is scalable, predictable and repeatable. AgentsAlly optimizes workflows with automated customer communications and management tools, enabling superior sales productivity. Our deep domain expertise and data-driven approach increase sales productivity.

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Performance Management

Agencies who follow our success formula have sales results that are 20% greater than average

Thousands of agencies have dramatically increased sales production through Imprezzio’s data-driven success framework. Enable your agency force to make fact-based decisions leading to faster, more predictable and more profitable sales results. Reinforce and encourage the behavior that drives revenue-generating activities. Using comprehensive tracking, analysis and incentive capabilities, our performance management software not only illuminates what is happening in your agencies, but shows exactly how your teams can drive premium growth.

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Internet Lead Management


The number one determining factor in internet lead success is response time

Agents who respond to a lead in under two minutes quote an astonishing 38% higher rate than their peers. Our patented LeadFlow application gives agents the information they need to respond within seconds. We save our carrier clients millions of dollars every month by scrubbing leads. Our software typically qualifies and eliminates up to 30% of the leads, saving time and money while minimizing frustration for agents.