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Efficient, productive and intuitive software solutions.

We are a vibrant, growing organization that creates tools to improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance marketing communication with customers.

Our software maximizes users time and effectiveness to drive profitable growth. Our clients include companies looking to maximize ROI, including several of the largest insurance enterprises in the United States. We have developed a suite of sales enablement tools which combines gamification, sales productivity and a comprehensive lead marketplace.   

We connect customers, employees and businesses in ways no other offering does. Our proven track record shows how clients achieve growth by linking powerful technology and data with strategies that set them apart from their competition.

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Founded in 2004, by Dave Talarico and Kelly Birr, Imprezzio was driven by a passion to enable success for insurance carriers, agencies and producers. Our software managed data for insurance carriers and agents in a faster, smoother, and more efficient way, resulting in premium growth and distribution optimization. The original software, Agents Ally, has continued to evolve to become an essential tool for several of the largest carriers in the US.

While our software solutions were originally developed for the insurance industry, the fundamental business need of increasing production and optimizing performance have expanded to many other industries.

Mike Werner

Chief Executive Officer

Katie Vienhage

Vice President of Analysis & Finance

David Weston

Vice President of Security & IT
David Weston


The Imprezzio executive team leads with a passion for our customers, our people and our products. Their individual and combined work has enabled Imprezzio to become an international software company working with the largest players.