RacingSnail, a leading technology company and subsidiary of Imprezzio, Inc., launched Leaderboard Legends, the industry’s newest gamification software, designed to motivate insurance agents’ performance and propel a company’s productivity, at LIMRA, the Life Insurance Market Research Association’s annual conference, on Oct. 28-30th at New York’s Marriott Marquis.


  • Create competitions
  • Show stats and updates on any screen
  • Personalize competitor profiles
  • Challenge other offices
  • Chat feature
  • Multiple reward methods

“We have taken everything we know about what inspires people to perform and put it into an entertaining and intuitive package that agents will want to use” – Jerome Carlile, RacingSnail co-founder and president

Leaderboard Legends features concepts from employee management, sports psychology, social media and reward systems to enhance insurance agents’ performance and increase a company’s bottom line using competitive games that encourage agents to compete with themselves, their colleagues and other teams in their office and beyond.

At LIMRA, RacingSnail and Imprezzio executives showed the one-of-a-kind motivational software that is scheduled to undergo beta testing in December before it is launched to the insurance market in January 2019. Attendees at LIMRA received a demonstration of the value of competitions, public recognition and performance milestones. The software allows companies to create different types of competitions based on the metrics that drive each business.

Competition results are “publicly displayed” and important events such as lead changes, new sales records and sales closed are displayed on a TV or monitor to recognize the leading competitors, add excitement to the office and motivate all competitors to perform.

“Leaderboard Legends brings producers increased job satisfaction by recognizing employees for their work with points and prizes while informing agents of who is closing sales. Also, the software’s digital automatic competition feature provides a strong social motivation tool that engages and allows agents to encourage, congratulate and banter with each other.” – Jerome Carlile

Leaderboard Legends also offers winning prizes at the end of a competition as well as “unscheduled” prizes that are given out randomly as competitors achieve certain metrics. Competitors can randomly earn the chance to spin a prize wheel when they complete a product quote. This is designed to encourage all agents to continue to perform to help the business grow. The program also allows teams in one office to compete against teams from other offices.

Imprezzio acquired RacingSnail in 2013 and manages it as an independent company. Brown pointed to RacingSnail research revealed that agents’ production increased by an average of 8% to 23% percent when they used Leaderboard Legends.

“There is nothing like a common foe to get a team working together for victory. While external rewards such as salary, benefits and commissions are important agent motivators, we can’t forget how feeling competent, competitive and believing one’s work is meaningful and appreciated is an important motivation tool. Leaderboard Legends is designed to create a happier, more engaged team that is more motivated and works better together, turns over less and produces more.” – Jeff Brown, Executive Vice President of Sales at Imprezzio

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