Individual or team-based competitions for your office.

Use Gamification to get your team more engaged, more motivated and more productive. Leaderboard Legends makes work more rewarding. We’ve combined concepts pertaining to productivity management, sports psychology, social media and intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards, to deliver an unprecedented motivational framework that will dramatically increase both enthusiasm and performance.


People take pleasure in getting better at something – at becoming more competent


Mastery creates the motivation to achieve at even greater levels


Which results in momentum as they continuously improve

  • Customizable competitions available in multiple engaging formats
  • Televise competition leaderboards for the entire office to see
  • Show stats and updates on any tv to create excitement
  • Personalize competitor profiles, including photos, backgrounds, and quotes
  • Challenge other offices to multiple types of competitions
  • Foster participation and engagement with the chat feature
  • Create competitions for any metric or group of metrics for any timeframe
  • Host competitions between sales & service teams
  • Implement different reward methods, including the single most powerful incentive method known (ask us for details)

A fine-tuned mechanism that ignites performance and propels productivity; put in one entertaining and intuitive package that your team will love – Leaderboard Legends. Dramatically increase enthusiasm and performance with this unprecedented motivational framework.