A need for Actionable Business Data

Why RacingSnail? RacingSnail agencies sell more.

The insurance industry’s leading sales productivity platform. Thousands of agencies have dramatically increased sales production through RacingSnail’s data-driven success framework. Through comprehensive tracking, analysis and incentive capabilities, RacingSnail not only illuminates what is happening in your agency but shows exactly how your team can make more money.

RacingSnail was born when two accomplished insurance professionals (who just happened to have technology backgrounds) became frustrated by a lack of actionable business data. They needed a tool to affect change NOW, not simply review sales results. They combined their deep insurance industry experience with their technological expertise to create RacingSnail. Today thousands of agents are reaping the benefits of RacingSnail’s flexible, insurance-focused productivity improvement tools.


Tracking sales volume is only a small part of the equation. Where did the sale come from? How was the quote generated?

What activities are your team members doing to generate business? Just as a doctor monitors a patient’s vital signs, RacingSnail captures critical performance metrics that reveal the health of your agency. Furthermore, real-time, goal-centric dashboards hold sales reps accountable for results on a daily basis.


RacingSnail’s analysis tools unravel the story behind the metrics and help agents to understand exactly what is influencing sales performance.

Are your sales numbers down because you are uncompetitive or is it because your team has stopped asking for referrals? Does your star sales rep make you or cost you money? Are Internet leads worth the cost? RacingSnail reveals the answer to these and many other critical performance questions.


RacingSnail’s compensation tool enables agents to drive exactly the kind of behavior that is needed to improve agency performance.

RacingSnail is simply unmatched in its ability to align team objectives with agency objectives and to match compensation with specific performance criteria. Thresholds, accelerators, consistency bonuses, activity bonuses, and multi-line requirements are just a few of the incentive mechanisms that can be used to drive sales behavior. So what is the greatest performance driver? Hint: It’s not the compensation plan.